weareyoungweareallright asked:
Where are Aaron's gifs with the yellow tshirt from? MY GOD I NEED TO FANGIRL A LITTLE (much)! Your blog is awesome! Thankssss xoxo :)))

I’m so sorry, I only just found this, they’re from here


madeleinewillbebackshortly asked:
Hey there, I saw your post in the "aaroger" tag asking "when the hell was this?" haha, that photo was taken sometime in 2004 when Aaron was doing the National Tour of Rent. Although he played Steve he also understudied Mark & Roger as well :) I think that photo was taken before his first show where he went on as Roger :3 He's so wittle I can't!! haha, sorry if someone's already told you this and now I'm just bothering you :P

You’re not bothering me, at all! :)

Thanks for letting me know, I’m sure other people were interested too!

Anonymous asked:
what's your favorite thing Aaron's been in?

my favourite, wow ok. I’m a huge fan of Howl, but out of everything I’ve seen him in, Saved is the only thing I’m not particularly a fan of.

thegrandstory asked:
Hello from enjolrasthechief fhekwuf I feel like I need to stop by every day and tell you how much this blog just completes me in so many ways. Aaroger is my everything and staring at him here is a joy, thank you ahh

this makes me happy.
You’re welcome, although if it wasn’t for your blog this one wouldn’t exist!